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More reviews for Taste series

The second episode of ‘All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry’ has picked up more great reviews -

“He has the inquisitiveness and questioning skills of a journalist, the original thought and ideas of a brainiac, the imagination of an artist. But he also has the ability to get on with and talk to normal people that few journalists, brainiacs or artists have. The tapestry reveal at the end, when his subjects come to a London gallery to see what he’s done, is a nice touch, adds the gentlest hint of reality TV to proceedings. And it’s about class and taste, possibly the two most interesting subjects there are. All of which adds up to a fabulous work of television.” (Sam Wollaston, The Guardian)

“[Grayson Perry's] All in the Best Possible Taste is a terrific series. Whereas Melvyn Braggs films on class worried at the subject, Perrys easefully turns anthropology into aphorism (middle-class culture is the vanity of small differences) and then into remarkably successful tapestries…Perry, an artist, not critic, has come think, and to celebrate.” (Five stars out of five. Andrew Billen, The Times)

“Transvestite potter Grayson Perrys Channel 4 series on class All in the Best Possible Taste is fabulous. The mans a superb presenter: gentle, cheeky, direct yet not offensive, and intelligent.” (Serena Davies, The Telegraph)

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