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Reviews for Grayson Perry Series

Reviews for the first episode of ‘All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry’:

His tapestries are ornate invitations for us to stamp out our snobbery. His programme: a beautifully stitched living portrait of a class, a city and an artist.(Alex Hardy, The Times)

“Gosh, I loved Grayson Perry’s joyful trip to working-class Sunderland this week to examine ‘taste’…Grayson found meaning, emotional depth and tenderness in spray-tan colour charts, bulging muscles, and the ‘tits out vs legs-out’ conundrum.” (Grace Dent, The Independent)

“Perry is a cultured and clever trannie, possibly one of the most cultured and clever transvestites this country has ever produced. On camera, he is able to organise complex and abstract thoughts, and explain them with an unpatrician clarity, without art snobbery…It reminded us that one of the oldest purposes of art is to elevate and memorialise.” (AA Gill, The Sunday Times)

A fearless and sneerless study of class and taste.”(Sam Wollaston, The Guardian)

“All in the Best Possible Taste was exactly the sort of thing that ought to have been on BBC2 yet was over on Channel 4 (and kudos to the station for commissioning it).” (Clare Heal, Sunday Express)

“Superlative safari through the taste tribes of Britain.” (Mike Bradley, The Observer)

“As he flitted easily from tattoo parlours to nightclubs, he emerged as a remarkable social chameleon, equally at home talking martial arts and motors with the lads, as he was talking fake tan and knick-knacks with the lasses…There was no judging or patronising, just an honest effort to show it the way it is.” (Keith Watson, Metro)

“Articulate and down to earth and wearing his eclectic erudition lightly, Perry is a natural presenter.” (Mark Hudson, The Telegraph)

A self-styled working-class Essex boy who has spent most of his life in the middle-class world of modern art, Perry made for a likable and thoughtful interlocutor Theroux-like in his naive questioning, but with an artist penetrating eye for detail.(Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent)

“Perry, who is funny, wise and perceptive, is graciously accepted wherever he goes. In turn, he never judges and never makes fun.” (Radio Times)

If you missed the first episode, it’s available to view on 4OD -

Tune in next Tuesday, 12th June, at 10 pm on Channel 4 to see what Grayson makes of the middle classes…

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