Reviews for Series Finale

The final episode of ‘All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry’ transmitted last night, garnering yet more positive reviews for the series -

“One of the TV highlights of the year so far…a hugely entertaining, and often revelatory, piece of television.” (Five stars out of five. James Walton, The Telegraph)

“Grayson Perry concluded his glorious, inspired and incisive investigation into modern British taste and concomitant neat gutting and filleting of that slippery fish, the class system, with a visit to its upper reaches…Rigorous, intelligent and intuitive, Perry never opened his mouth without either providing fresh insight himself or extracting it from his subject….For the first time ever, I became determined to visit a work of art. The man is clearly, in every way, a genius.” (Lucy Mangan, The Guardian)

“His character open, funny, generous has been a big part of the success of these programmes. It’s impossible to think of another Turner Prize winner who could fit so disarmingly into so many different social spaces, particularly given that he arrived with avowedly anthropological intent, to probe and analyse their definition of what is finest in life…If you didn’t see the series it’s what catch-up television was made for.” (Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent)


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