Grayson on 4OD

Our critically-acclaimed series ‘All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry’ is back on Channel 4′s On Demand service 4OD for an extended run. So, if you missed the series on transmission, you can find it here -

One of the TV highlights of the year so far a hugely entertaining, and often revelatory, piece of television.(Five stars out of five. James Walton, The Telegraph)

All in the Best Possible Taste is a terrific series. Whereas Melvyn Braggs films on class worried at the subject, Perrys easefully turns anthropology into aphorism (middle class culture is the vanity of small differences) and then into remarkably successful tapestries Perry, an artist, not critic, has come think, and to celebrate.(Five stars out of five. Andrew Billen, The Times)

A fearless and sneerless study of class and taste.(Sam Wollaston, The Guardian)

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