Grayson Perry Taste

Doc of the Year

Happy new year!

It was a great end to 2012 for Seneca with a number of national newspapers highlighting our series All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry in their round-ups of 2012′s TV.

The Independent on Sunday proclaimed it ‘Documentary of the Year’, saying: “What could have been patronising gubbins asked all the right questions, offered astute observations and thrived off Perry’s ability to balance warmth and intellect.”

Here’s the link:

Meanwhile, theSunday Times said the following:

“Best Arts programming, by a mile Grayson Perry’s In the Best Possible Taste, on Channel 4, about the conception, inception, and creation of his class-themed tapestries, was an arresting way to bring art to the small screen in a year that saw the continued decline in cultural broadcasting.”

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